Ministry of Culture and Heritage Agreement with the Erebus National Memorial Group

8 August 2018

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage is proud to be leading the creation of the National Erebus Memorial, on behalf of the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern.

The Ministry warmly acknowledges the important role that the Erebus National Memorial group has played towards the creation of a memorial over the years. Its leadership has worked hard to publicise the need for a memorial, has kept the idea in the public and political realms, and has eloquently advocated on behalf of Erebus families. Its list of supporters includes many family members, and its sharing of those family members’ contact details (with their permission) was a crucial element in the Ministry’s establishment of its own database.

The willingness of the Erebus National Memorial leadership to support the Ministry as it undertakes the Memorial project is very much appreciated.

The Ministry intends to communicate regularly with the group’s leadership for the duration of the project, both in recognition of its significant work to date, and because it has expertise that could potentially be made available to the project as it continues.

In particular, the Ministry will:

  • Meet with the Erebus National Memorial leadership when officials are in Auckland, for face to face conversations exploring issues of mutual interest, where this is convenient for both parties.
  • Seek the input of the leadership group, as an entity, to decisions in relation to the design and build of the Memorial that it considers would be usefully informed by its perspective - for instance, in relation to the most important features of the Memorial (and to that end the Ministry has recently sought the group’s response to the survey sent to family members).
  • Seek individual feedback from members of the Erebus National Memorial leadership, where particular members have specific expertise.
  • Seek the input of the leadership group on matters relating to the events for the families that will take place at the Memorial site.

The Ministry and the leadership of the Erebus National Memorial group have a shared commitment to the creation of an appropriate Memorial that honours those who died on the slopes of Mt Erebus, and recognises the effect of that accident on the victims’ families, the recovery teams, and all New Zealand.

The Ministry welcomes communication from family members and others interested in the creation of the National Erebus Memorial. Please email; or phone Sarah Ingram on 027 655 1132.

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