Important Update

The advisory group advocating for an Erebus National Memorial welcomes the announcement of Prime Minister Rt Hon. Jacinda Ardern that the Government will progress planning for a national memorial to be ready for the 40thanniversary of the accident in November 2019. Spokesperson Rev Dr Richard Waugh says, “The announcement on the 38th anniversary of the accident is opportune and comes after nearly two years of advocacy work. There is now no time to lose advancing the memorial project.”  Erebus families representative David Allan said, “This is absolutely wonderful news for all the families, relatives and all those affected by the tragedy. It has been a long time coming. On behalf of all the families, I wish to thank the Prime Minister most sincerely for her empathy and prompt decision. Personally, the anniversaries are inevitably emotional days and it is comforting to now know that a fitting memorial for everyone is imminent at last.”  Patron of the Erebus National Memorial project, Lady June Hillary added yesterday, “I am very impressed by this advance. Let’s hope it will happen for 2019.”


Important initiatives are being taken to plan for a national memorial for the 257 people who died in the 1979 Mt. Erebus air accident of Air New Zealand McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 ZK-NZP, Flight TE901.  The national memorial, planned to be ready for the 40th anniversary in November 2019, will be a special place for families affected by the tragedy, and for New Zealand to remember the accident.

This website enables you to learn more about the planned memorial, and keep up-to-date with progress.  Please take time to explore this website and register your interest and support on the register page.

A view of Ross Island from Pegasus Field, during one of the long twilights. Mount Erebus looms in the background over the lights of McMurdo Station. In the foreground are fuel tanks for the airfield.  Photo curtesy of Alan R Right, wikimedia



Our Patron says “The notion of the creation of an Erebus National Memorial is, I feel, a good one as the 40th anniversary approaches in 2019. The memorial will be a special place for us to remember those who died on that day and those who were left to mourn.” - Lady June Hillary (widow of Peter Mulgrew BEM, and Sir Edmund "Ed" Hillary KG ONZ KBE)